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Reminder to self: some feeds I no longer follow and should be yeeted at the soonest.

Editorials #

Global education #

Name Description
Education Nextexternal link Education Next partakes of no program, campaign, or ideology. It goes where the evidence points.
Education Revolutionexternal link Posts from the Alternative Education Resource Organization(AERO)
Education Weekexternal link πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Posts from Education Week(1981) American news for K-12 education news and information.
Teacher2Teacherexternal link Posts from Teacher2Teacher, a growing community of teachers
EdTech Hubexternal link Posts from EdTech Hub, a global research partnership
Stanford Graduate School of Educationexternal link Posts from the Stanford Graduate School of Education which is pursuing equitable, accessible and effective learning for all.
ERO RSS Feedexternal link Educause review is the an open-access digital publication for the higher education IT community.
EdSurgeexternal link It has a pretty cool product index for educators in search of learning technology solutions
Brookings - Educationexternal link Education posts from the Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC.
Inside Higher Edexternal link Inside Higher Ed provides the latest news, analysis and solutions for the entire higher education community.
Getting Smartexternal link Posts from an education consultancy

Indian education #

Name Description
EdTechReviewexternal link One of the few places where I could find subpar education news about india

Indian startups #

Name Description
Entrackrexternal link Nice reports of Indian startups

Technology #

Name Description
n-gateexternal link An annotated digest of the top “Hacker” “News” posts for the second week of August, 2021.

Discussions #

Name Description
Tedium: The Dull Side of the Internetexternal link A source of never-ending research, a vessel for new ideas, and a great historical deep dive.

Thinktanks #

Name Description
Pew Research Centerexternal link Research on various topics. (Unsure if this feed is working, check)

People #

These are editorials or blogs run by single person.

Tech #

Name Description
Benedict Evansexternal link Blog about economics, analysing mobile, media and technology, and worked in equity research, strategy, consulting and venture capital.
damageboyexternal link Something something electronics guy that I don’t fully understand but still find pretty cool.
delan azabaniexternal link Random developer who does cool stuff
Gokberk Yaltirakliexternal link Developer with some specialization in Python I guess
Omar Rizwanexternal link Overall pretty cool guy with interests in computer interfaces and new ways of programming
Unpleasant Facts and Other Musingsexternal link Yet another economics blog
Nadim Kobeissiexternal link Blog by a security researcher/prof. I think I like their style
fasterthanli.meexternal link long-form, didactic and exploratory articles and videos about how computers work. I thought blogging was dead till I came across Amos’s articles. Absolute Gem.
Bob Poekert’s Web-Logexternal link Found this person on twitter. interesting.
Michael Nielsenexternal link blog of the Michael Nielsen
julian.digitalexternal link Designer/Developer, I like some of their ideas
Nintilexternal link Super cool guy, writes about random stuff kaafi deeply and blog overall is pretty neat in many ways
Dan Luuexternal link Classic blog posts from this guy
Daemonic Dispatchesexternal link Musings from Colin Percival the Tarsnap guy
Thejesh GNexternal link Homepage of an Independent Technologist, Hacker, Maker, Traveler, Blogger, InfoActivist, Open data and Open internet enthusiast from Bangalore. Pretty cool stuff.

Thinking #

Name Description
Bret Victorexternal link Blog of the Bret Victor
The Roots of Progressexternal link The Roots of Progress is a nonprofit dedicated to establishing a new philosophy of progress for the 21st century.

Education Archives #

Name Description
Hack Educationexternal link The History of the Future of Education Technology by lovely Audrey
The Innovative Educatorexternal link Blog by a public school educator by Lisa Nielsen
Daniel Willinghamexternal link Blog by a Professor of Psychology and Member of the National Board for Education Sciences
3-Star learning experiencesexternal link An Evidence-Informed Blog for Learning Professionals.