2022 #

June #

  • Started working on the homepage

July #

  • Finished the structure of the homepage. Filling in manual contents
  • I have to finish this homepage today no matter what.
  • I did not finish it on 15th. It took another couple of days.
  • I finished the other sites in locus, re-touching on minor tweaks in the homepage. Hopefully from tomorrow I’ll be able to follow on my agenda. Yay! 🎊

October #

  • Updated both primary and secondary toolchest to be updated dynamically from an airtable base. It’s so much better now.
  • Added Syllabi page

November #

  • Added notes about how to manage work and study and day to day activities in /day
  • Updated Food and Drink page with exercise and diet plan details
  • Added Hire page

2023 #

January #

  • Toolchest pages are now better generated

February #

  • Added experiments page
  • Added homelab page

May #

  • Added Snipes page to add things I am curious about