Primary tool-chest

My dotfiles are currently private, but they contain my fish functionsexternal link (aliases), my yasnippetsexternal link and cheatsexternal link

Komputeer Ussah #

As a non-ai system, I like to interact with a physical computer. I like its novelty.

General development #

Now how I do development has varied over the years. But I am constantly updating it.

looking forward to play w

Editing text #

I didn’t really care what my editor was until I met neel and pritam in my previous workplace.

looking forward to play w
  • Urgent AF
  • Sooner the better
  • Lazy Sunday
  • 95% doom emacs(heavily customized), 5% neovim
  • I think I spent half of my year last year fighting with emacs, had me learn little bit of elisp and I am not sure if it was worth it, but if there’s one thing I cannot live without, it has to be org-mode. helluvadrug.
  • For documentation lookup inside emacs, eldoc (using elglot), M-x man, dev-docs custom bindings for eww.
  • When I quickly need to check the contents of a repo, I use GitHub1sexternal link , pretty neat stuff. I use Replit for quick prototypes etc, pretty neat but need to get back offline as soon as I need to do anything that involves more than 2 files(when writing from scratch).

Interface and dependencies #

looking forward to play w
  • Urgent AF
  • Sooner the better
  • Lazy Sunday
    • Checking how test containers and dev containers compare to my LXD workflow
    • Checkout NixOS
    • I am planning to write some aliases and function wrapper around ffmpeg and imagemagick for regular stuff. Most probably there are good tools out there, have to check.
  • fish is my shell, have a love hate relationship ngl.
  • pacman and paru mostly have me covered
  • For different versions of stuff, I use asdf + direnv. I really like the global, local flexibility that asdf gives.
  • For virtual environments, I use LXD system containers with a custom cloud-init script. It’s pretty neat. Thanks to the co-workers at my last workplace! (See my notes on lxdexternal link )
  • svuexternal link is great for quick help on semantic versions
  • entrexternal link and running tests in watchmode is essential

Language specific #


looking forward to play w

Python #

looking forward to play w
  • I use asdf + poetry for all my python virtual env setups. Even if it’s a project with a requirements.txt, I use poetry to create a venv there and pip install on it. I don’t think i’ll ever understand python virtual environments completely so I am going for the path of least resistance
  • Understanding python’s import systemexternal link has done me wonders
  • pudb with ipython is pretty neat for debugging
  • I don’t have any linting, formatter preference honestly I just use the defaults that work with my editor setup. If any project needs specific style, the CI/CD system should catch it.
  • Once joblibexternal link was very useful to me but I can’t exactly remember when

Golang #

looking forward to play w
  • Haven’t done anything in a while

C #

Domain specific #

Web #

Working on web things is fun, I am terrible at anything that involves css but I think it’s pretty neat.

looking forward to play w
  • Urgent AF
    • Really grokking HTTP, Headers, Cache, Cookies and Sessions
    • Experimenting w WebAssembly, webworkers other web engineering fun.
    • Experiment w backends offering user auth, pocketbase, supabase.
    • I think I need to explore webcomponts etc. what’s all the fuss about.
    • Also hypermedia. damn.
  • Sooner the better
    • Experimenting w serverless functions (Mostly cf workers)
    • Faking libraries are great, need to see which one to use when. Candidates, json-server, faker, json-schema-faker,msw
    • Explore more in web security side of things
    • Check out API testing stuff: stepci, scanapi, oha
  • Lazy Sunday
    • Check puck, if we can do something similar for svelte
    • Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView.
      • LiveView is different in a way that instead of using HTTP and large-grain data exchange, it uses websockets and sends fine-grained updates.
  • Everything I learn here becomes obsolete in about six months
  • But I like the web and I want to build on it too
  • I am too bad at anything involving CSS so, tailwindcss is my best friend here.
  • I once tried doing react+vite+storybook with all the right config and other stuff, later I felt that I don’t want to be worrying about a static site so much. So static sites or semi-static sites are basically an org-mode export or a next.js site for me now.
  • I think I learned react about 3 times and everytime, the documentation gets overhauled(good thing). But the last time I learned react, I took notesexternal link .
  • Don’t ask me about framework preferences. I don’t think I agree with myself here.
  • I played around w using verbexternal link for documenting api calls. I like it. It’s not suitable for all usecases but for some its gold. Otherwise insomnia or postman as required.
  • Finally tried svelte with my wscribe-editor project, it was fun. But need to play with it more to have better gasp.

UI & Interface #

I like building small tools and usually they need interfaces.

looking forward to play w

Systems #

This includes all things systems.

looking forward to play w
  • Urgent AF
  • Sooner the better
    • Check if I can write scripts faster with google/zx
  • Lazy Sunday
    • I don’t know many c/cpp libraries but would try to use zpl-c/zpl next time I get an opportunity to work on something similar.
    • I don’t play w proto stuff that much but think protodot could be v.useful
    • Learn what multiformats is about. Specifically interested in multibase.
    • Memory profiling is interesting, I never got to try gdb, rr(tried rr, some issues in nixos), valgrind and friends properly. So someday/someweek might hack around and see how these can be useful. Valgrind and Address sanitizers, simpler tools like bytehound
    • Cool tool to see changes before making, check it out

Distributed systems & sync & offline #

looking forward to play w

Network programming & P2P #

I love networks, I love p2p more.

looking forward to play w
  • Urgent AF
  • Sooner the better
  • Lazy Sunday

Programming languages #

looking forward to play w
  • Urgent AF
    • ohm looks super interesting. Can be useful for creative programming stuff aswell I think. (This is something i want to explore for bml transpilation aswell)
  • Sooner the better
  • Lazy Sunday

Creative programming & HCI #

So these are things I am just starting to learn. Creative programming is something I want to do for fun, HCI is something that really interests me. I have syllabus entries for it aswell iirc.

looking forward to play w

Data #

Database #

looking forward to play w
  • Urgent AF
    • Check centerofci/mathesar and see if can help in learning
    • Go through the excellent MySQL intermediate series by PlanetScale
  • Sooner the better
    • Experimenting more with SQLite (and ecosystem), Postgres (and ecosystem), Clickhouse, DuckDB, Redis.
  • Lazy Sunday
  • I don’t play with DBs on the daily but plan to.

Data Engineering #

looking forward to play w
  • Urgent AF
  • Sooner the better
  • Lazy Sunday
  • jq w ijq has been useful in the past. I think there are 2 totally different projects named ijq, it’s the one that I have installed. dasel was also pretty neat once.

Data Analysis/Viz #

looking forward to play w
  • I use Airtable extensively as my data-store for things. I’ll probably move to something else if I ever hit limits.
  • Occasionally I’d use Datasette but I want to use more of it. esp the sqlite-utils stuff looks interesting.
  • To explore datasets I use visidata. It is awesomeexternal link . Not only csv, parquet but also json, sqlite, postgres, shapefiles/mbtiles, pcap files! etc.

AI/ML experiments #

I by no means know anything about what’s happening in that space but I’ve been watching from far and I can tell, I cannot afford to blink. I have to take the dive sometime. I already have courses and stuff lined up and brushing up on math.

looking forward to play w

Archiving and Scraping #

looking forward to play w

Geo stuff #

I am interested in maps because it’s crazy how we managed to actually map the real world into some other form and reason about. It’s just mind blowing to me. Basically I think it’s a notationexternal link and notationsexternal link are fascinating to me. Also I want to do a lot of geo based visualizations and study.

looking forward to play w

Infra & Network & Security #

Infrastructure experiments #

looking forward to play w
  • Ansible and Github actions are enough for my regular automation
  • See my summary on Loggingexternal link
  • I haven’t fiddled with infra stuff in a while but I plan to streamline things eventually.
  • Mostly use github and bitbucket for hosting code repositories
  • Netlify or Vercel for semi-static sites
  • Have not got around selfhosting stuff yet, except locally on my pi/laptop when it makes sense.
  • I mostly use github actions for personal projects, I found that the local runner act is only useful for basic things like debugging why some environment variable etc is not getting set, playing around with “contexts” etc. Neat tool when learning.

Observability stuff #

looking forward to play w

Security, Network and Tinkering #

looking forward to play w
  • I have a dedicated page called Plumber Manual for things related to this.
  • vulnixexternal link is pretty cool, it lists the CVEs for your installed packages and then you can spend hours reading source-code of the dependencies you use and also learn a thing or two about security.

Non-dev #

Planning/Brainstorming/Curation #

looking forward to play w
  • org-mode supremacy, notion and various markdown wiki veteran.
  • I have a page dedicated to notetaking
  • Github issues and Linear for project progress tracking.
  • Key is to think how to think about the specific problem and choose tools based on that. Meta.

Communication and Discussions #

Research #

I have never done any real research but I want to experiment things and write about those this formally. I have some nice stuff in syllabus which I’ll move over here when I go through them.

looking forward to play w
  • Urgent AF
  • Sooner the better
    • Check mathpix
  • Lazy Sunday

Match & Problem solving #

Misc #

Art/Design #

looking forward to play w

I wants to do art/design but not at the moment. I also wanted to make weird game videos using assets etc (Neel, if you ever read this, yeah still at it). But I might have to pause that for a while as it does not directly feed into my primary goals but I definitely want to make time for it.

Mobile experiments #

looking forward to play w

Generated #

These following lists are generated hereexternal link and not in sync with my system at all times.

Firefox Extensions #

Name Description
Sideberyexternal link Addon for managing tabs, containers (contextual identities) and bookmarks in sidebar. Supports both flat and tree tabs layouts, per-container include/exclude rules, proxy configs for each container and much more.
Auto Tab Discardexternal link Increase browser speed and reduce memory load when you have numerous open tabs.
Impulse Blockerexternal link Block distracting websites when you are browsing the web.
Imagusexternal link Enlarge thumbnails, and show images/videos from links with a mouse hover.
Cookie Quick Managerexternal link An addon to manage (view, search, create, edit, delete, backup, restore) cookies.
What Hacker News Saysexternal link Easily find Hacker News threads about the page you’re currently browsing.
WhatFontexternal link A wrapper for Chengyhin Liu’s WhatFont tool
Debug CSSexternal link Adds outline to all elements on the page to show the culprit element which is changing desired layout
Video Speed Controllerexternal link Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind HTML5 audio/video with shortcuts
Tridactylexternal link <nil>
ClearURLsexternal link Remove tracking elements from URLs.
Web Archivesexternal link View archived and cached versions of web pages on 10+ search engines, such as the Wayback Machine, Archiveโ€คis, Google, Bing and Yandex
Enhancer for YouTubeโ„ขexternal link Take control of YouTube and boost your user experience!
SimpleLogin:Receive & Send emails anonymouslyexternal link Easily create a different email for each website to hide your real email. Protect your inbox against spams, phishing, data breaches
Consent-O-Maticexternal link Automatic handling of GDPR consent forms
Violentmonkeyexternal link An open source userscript manager that supports a lot of browsers
MarkDownload - Markdown Web Clipperexternal link This extension works like a web clipper, but it downloads articles in markdown format.
Smart TOCexternal link Webpage outliner
Dark Readerexternal link Dark mode for every website. Take care of your eyes, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.
Hello, Goodbyeexternal link Hello, Goodbye blocks annoying chat widgets.
I don’t care about cookiesexternal link <nil>
Tab Stashexternal link A no-fuss way to save and restore batches of tabs as bookmarks.
Library Extensionexternal link <nil>
Stylusexternal link Redesign the web with Stylus, a user styles manager. Stylus allows you to easily install themes and skins for many popular sites.
React Developer Toolsexternal link Adds React debugging tools to the Firefox Developer Tools.Created from revision 2468a8735 on 5/19/2023.
Reddit Enhancement Suiteexternal link A suite of modules that enhance your Reddit browsing experience
Emojiexternal link Insert emojis using a web browser, and customise the experience and the add-on in Settings.
SponsorBlock for YouTube - Skip Sponsorshipsexternal link Skip sponsorships, subscription begging and more on YouTube videos. Report sponsors on videos you watch to save others' time.
Refined GitHubexternal link Simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features
Control Panel for Twitterexternal link Gives you more control over Twitter and adds missing features and UI improvements
Flagfoxexternal link Displays a flag depicting the location of the current server
LocalCDNexternal link Protects you against tracking through CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) by redirecting to local resources.
Bitwarden - Free Password Managerexternal link A secure and free password manager for all of your devices.
uBlacklistexternal link Blocks sites you specify from appearing in Google search results
Zotero Connectorexternal link Save references to Zotero from your web browser
uBlock Originexternal link Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

Arch Official Packages #

Name Description
adobe-source-han-sans-jp-fontsexternal link Adobe Source Han Sans Subset OTF - Japanese OpenType/CFF fonts
ageexternal link A simple, modern and secure file encryption tool
aircrack-ngexternal link Key cracker for the 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK protocols
alacrittyexternal link A cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
alsa-utilsexternal link Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - Utilities
ansibleexternal link Official assortment of Ansible collections
ansible-lintexternal link Checks playbooks for practices and behaviour that could potentially be improved.
arandrexternal link Provide a simple visual front end for XRandR 1.2.
atopexternal link A system and process level monitor
bandwhichexternal link Terminal bandwidth utilization tool
baseexternal link Minimal package set to define a basic Arch Linux installation
base-develexternal link Basic tools to build Arch Linux packages
bash-language-serverexternal link Bash language server implementation based on Tree Sitter and its grammar for Bash
batexternal link Cat clone with syntax highlighting and git integration
beepexternal link Advanced PC speaker beeping program
biberexternal link A Unicode-capable BibTeX replacement for biblatex users
bluez-utilsexternal link Development and debugging utilities for the bluetooth protocol stack
bmonexternal link Portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator
bottomexternal link A graphical process/system monitor
bpftraceexternal link High-level tracing language for Linux eBPF
brightnessctlexternal link Lightweight brightness control tool
catimgexternal link Print images in a terminal with 256 colors support
cgasmexternal link CLI tool for browsing documentation for x86 Assembly
chafaexternal link Image-to-text converter supporting a wide range of symbols and palettes, transparency, animations, etc.
cloudflaredexternal link Command-line client for Cloudflare Tunnel
cmakeexternal link A cross-platform open-source make system
cmusexternal link Feature-rich ncurses-based music player
cool-retro-termexternal link A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display
cowsayexternal link Configurable talking cow (and a few other creatures)
curlieexternal link The power of curl, the ease of use of httpie.
dbeaverexternal link Free universal SQL Client for developers and database administrators (community edition)
diffoscopeexternal link Tool for in-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories
discordexternal link All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers
diveexternal link A tool for exploring layers in a docker image
dogexternal link Command-line DNS client like dig
dstatexternal link A versatile resource statistics tool
dua-cliexternal link A tool to conveniently learn about the disk usage of directories, fast!
dufexternal link Disk Usage/Free Utility
earlyoomexternal link Early OOM Daemon for Linux
ebook-toolsexternal link Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats
editorconfig-core-cexternal link EditorConfig core code written in C (for use by plugins supporting EditorConfig parsing)
element-desktopexternal link Glossy Matrix collaboration client โ€” desktop version.
emacs-nativecompexternal link The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor with native compilation enabled
entrexternal link Run arbitrary commands when files change
evaexternal link simple calculator REPL, similar to bc(1)
evtestexternal link Input device event monitor and query tool
ezaexternal link A modern replacement for ls (community fork of exa)
fdexternal link Simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find
fehexternal link Fast and light imlib2-based image viewer
figletexternal link A program for making large letters out of ordinary text
firefoxexternal link Standalone web browser from
fishexternal link Smart and user friendly shell intended mostly for interactive use
gfoldexternal link A CLI tool to help keep track of Git repositories
ghidraexternal link Software reverse engineering framework
gimpexternal link GNU Image Manipulation Program
git-deltaexternal link Syntax-highlighting pager for git and diff output
glancesexternal link CLI curses-based monitoring tool
glowexternal link Command-line markdown renderer
gnu-netcatexternal link GNU rewrite of netcat, the network piping application
goplsexternal link Language server for Go programming language
gpingexternal link Ping, but with a graph
grexexternal link A command-line tool for generating regular expressions from user-provided input strings
grimexternal link Screenshot utility for Wayland
heaptrackexternal link A heap memory profiler for Linux
hexylexternal link Colored command-line hex viewer
htopexternal link Interactive process viewer
httrackexternal link An easy-to-use offline browser utility
hugoexternal link Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator in Go
hunspell-en_usexternal link US English hunspell dictionaries
hyperfineexternal link A command-line benchmarking tool
imvexternal link Image viewer for Wayland and X11
intel-ucodeexternal link Microcode update files for Intel CPUs
inter-fontexternal link A typeface specially designed for user interfaces
interception-dual-function-keysexternal link Interception plugin for dual-function keys: Tap for one key, hold for another
iotopexternal link View I/O usage of processes
iwdexternal link Internet Wireless Daemon
jedi-language-serverexternal link Language server for Jedi
johnexternal link John the Ripper password cracker
keychainexternal link A front-end to ssh-agent, allowing one long-running ssh-agent process per system, rather than per login
kismetexternal link 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system
kmonexternal link Linux kernel manager and activity monitor
libmicrodnsexternal link Minimal mDNS resolver library
libreoffice-stillexternal link LibreOffice maintenance branch
linux-firmwareexternal link Firmware files for Linux
lnavexternal link A curses-based tool for viewing and analyzing log files
lolcatexternal link Okay, no unicorns. But rainbows!!
lostfilesexternal link Find orphaned files not owned by any Arch packages
lshwexternal link A small tool to provide detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine.
lsofexternal link Lists open files for running Unix processes
ltraceexternal link Tracks runtime library calls in dynamically linked programs
lxdexternal link Daemon based on liblxc offering a REST API to manage containers
macchangerexternal link A small utility to change your NIC’s MAC address
maimexternal link Utility to take a screenshot using imlib2
makoexternal link Lightweight notification daemon for Wayland
man-dbexternal link A utility for reading man pages
man-pagesexternal link Linux man pages
mediainfoexternal link Supplies technical and tag information about media files (CLI interface)
millerexternal link Name-indexed data processing tool
moldexternal link A Modern Linker
mpvexternal link a free, open source, and cross-platform media player
nasmexternal link 80x86 assembler designed for portability and modularity
neofetchexternal link A CLI system information tool written in BASH that supports displaying images.
neovimexternal link Fork of Vim aiming to improve user experience, plugins, and GUIs
nethogsexternal link A net top tool which displays traffic used per process instead of per IP or interface
nfs-utilsexternal link Support programs for Network File Systems
ngrepexternal link A grep-like utility that allows you to search for network packets on an interface.
nixexternal link A purely functional package manager
nmapexternal link Utility for network discovery and security auditing
noto-fonts-cjkexternal link Google Noto CJK fonts
ntfs-3gexternal link NTFS filesystem driver and utilities
nyancatexternal link Nyancat rendered in your terminal.
obs-studioexternal link Free, open source software for live streaming and recording
okularexternal link Document Viewer
ollamaexternal link Create, run and share large language models (LLMs)
onefetchexternal link Git repository summary on your terminal
opamexternal link OCaml package manager
opensnitchexternal link A GNU/Linux application firewall
pacman-contribexternal link Contributed scripts and tools for pacman systems
pacutilsexternal link Helper tools for libalpm
paperkeyexternal link Archive OpenPGP keys on paper
parallelexternal link A shell tool for executing jobs in parallel
passexternal link Stores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords securely
pdfarrangerexternal link Helps merge or split PDF documents and rotate, crop and rearrange pages
perl-file-mimeinfoexternal link Determine file type, includes mimeopen and mimetype
perl-image-exiftoolexternal link Reader and rewriter of EXIF information that supports raw files
pgformatterexternal link A PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier
pipewire-alsaexternal link Low-latency audio/video router and processor - ALSA configuration
pipewire-pulseexternal link Low-latency audio/video router and processor - PulseAudio replacement
podmanexternal link Tool and library for running OCI-based containers in pods
postgresqlexternal link Sophisticated object-relational DBMS
prettierexternal link An opinionated code formatter for JS, JSON, CSS, YAML and much more
procsexternal link A modern replacement for ps written in Rust
progressexternal link Shows running coreutils basic commands and displays stats
pueueexternal link A CLI tool for managing long running shell commands
pvexternal link A terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline
python-isortexternal link A Python utility / library to sort Python imports
python-pipxexternal link Install and Run Python Applications in Isolated Environments
python-pynvimexternal link Python client for Neovim
qbittorrentexternal link An advanced BitTorrent client programmed in C++, based on Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar
qrencodeexternal link C library for encoding data in a QR Code symbol.
refindexternal link An EFI boot manager
reflectorexternal link A Python 3 module and script to retrieve and filter the latest Pacman mirror list.
ripgrep-allexternal link rga: ripgrep, but also search in PDFs, E-Books, Office documents, zip, tar.gz, etc.
rust-analyzerexternal link Rust compiler front-end for IDEs
sadexternal link Space Age seD
scrcpyexternal link Display and control your Android device
sdexternal link Intuitive find & replace
shellcheckexternal link Shell script analysis tool
shellhardenexternal link Bash linter and syntax highlighter
shfmtexternal link Format shell programs
slurpexternal link Select a region in a Wayland compositor
smartmontoolsexternal link Control and monitor S.M.A.R.T. enabled ATA and SCSI Hard Drives
sniffnetexternal link Application to comfortably monitor your network traffic
ssh-auditexternal link SSH configuration auditing
sshfsexternal link FUSE client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol
starshipexternal link The cross-shell prompt for astronauts
straceexternal link A diagnostic, debugging and instructional userspace tracer
streamlinkexternal link CLI program that launches streams from various streaming services in a custom video player (livestreamer fork)
svelte-language-serverexternal link Language server for Svelte
swappyexternal link A Wayland native snapshot editing tool
swayexternal link Tiling Wayland compositor and replacement for the i3 window manager
swayidleexternal link Idle management daemon for Wayland
swaylockexternal link Screen locker for Wayland
syncthingexternal link Open Source Continuous Replication / Cluster Synchronization Thing
sysstatexternal link a collection of performance monitoring tools (iostat,isag,mpstat,pidstat,sadf,sar)
tailscaleexternal link A mesh VPN that makes it easy to connect your devices, wherever they are.
tcpdumpexternal link Powerful command-line packet analyzer
tcpflowexternal link Captures data transmitted as part of TCP connections then stores the data conveniently
tectonicexternal link Modernized, complete, self-contained TeX/LaTeX engine, powered by XeTeX and TeXLive
telegram-desktopexternal link Official Telegram Desktop client
termsharkexternal link Terminal UI for tshark, inspired by Wireshark
texlive-fontsrecommendedexternal link TeX Live - Recommended fonts
texlive-latexextraexternal link TeX Live - LaTeX additional packages
texlive-plaingenericexternal link TeX Live - Plain (La)TeX packages
texlive-xetexexternal link TeX Live - XeTeX and packages
thunderbirdexternal link Standalone mail and news reader from
tmuxexternal link Terminal multiplexer
tokeiexternal link A blazingly fast CLOC (Count Lines Of Code) program
tracerouteexternal link Tracks the route taken by packets over an IP network
trash-cliexternal link Command line trashcan (recycle bin) interface
ttf-firacode-nerdexternal link Patched font Fira (Fura) Code from nerd fonts library
ttf-jetbrains-mono-nerdexternal link Patched font JetBrains Mono from nerd fonts library
typescript-language-serverexternal link Language Server Protocol (LSP) implementation for TypeScript using tsserver
unarchiverexternal link unar and lsar: Objective-C tools for uncompressing archive files
upexternal link A tool for writing Linux pipes with instant live preview
usbipexternal link An USB device sharing system over IP network
viexternal link The original ex/vi text editor
virtualboxexternal link Powerful x86 virtualization for enterprise as well as home use
visidataexternal link Terminal spreadsheet multitool for discovering and arranging data
wavemonexternal link Ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless network devices
waybarexternal link Highly customizable Wayland bar for Sway and Wlroots based compositors
webhookexternal link A lightweight incoming webhook server to run shell commands
websocatexternal link Command-line client for web sockets, like netcat/curl/socat for ws://
whoisexternal link Intelligent WHOIS client
wireshark-qtexternal link Network traffic and protocol analyzer/sniffer - Qt GUI
xdg-desktop-portal-wlrexternal link xdg-desktop-portal backend for wlroots
xorg-xwaylandexternal link run X clients under wayland
yadmexternal link Yet Another Dotfiles Manager
yaml-language-serverexternal link YAML Language Server
yt-dlpexternal link A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes
zathura-pdf-mupdfexternal link PDF support for Zathura (MuPDF backend) (Supports PDF, ePub, and OpenXPS)
zbarexternal link Application and library for reading bar codes from various sources
zoxideexternal link A smarter cd command for your terminal

Arch AUR Packages #

Name Description
advcpmvexternal link ‘cp’ and ‘mv’ utilities with progress bar patches
ancient-packagesexternal link Lists installed packages no longer available (anywhere)
anki-binexternal link Helps you remember facts (like words/phrases in a foreign language) efficiently. Installed with wheel.
asdf-vmexternal link Extendable version manager with support for Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, Erlang & more
cbonsaiexternal link A bonsai tree generator, written in C using ncurses
charsexternal link Command line tool to display information about unicode characters.
cheatexternal link Allows you to create and view interactive cheatsheets on the command-line
choose-rust-gitexternal link A fast, human-friendly alternative to awk(1) and cut(1)
cinny-desktop-binexternal link Matrix client focusing primarily on a simple, elegant and secure interface (binary release)
clipmanexternal link A simple clipboard manager for Wayland
code-minimapexternal link A high performance code minimap render
cpufetchexternal link Simple yet fancy CPU architecture fetching tool
daselexternal link Query and update data structures from the command line.
desedexternal link Debugger for sed, written in rust. Step through code and observe sed inner state.
electron19external link Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies
elfcatexternal link Generates HTML files from ELF binaries
fclones-binexternal link Efficient Duplicate File Finder
firefox-tridactyl-nativeexternal link Tridactyl native messaging host application for Firefox (native: 0.3.6)
frangipanniexternal link Program to convert lines of text into a tree structure
gallery-dlexternal link Command-line program to download image-galleries and collections from several image hosting sites
gomiexternal link Rm alternative written in Go
google-chromeexternal link The popular web browser by Google (Stable Channel)
graphtageexternal link A utility for semantically comparing and merging tree-like structures, such as JSON, XML, HTML, YAML, and CSS files.
hostctlexternal link Command-line tool to manage your hosts file
hr-bashexternal link A horizontal ruler for your terminal
httpstat-goexternal link It’s like curl -v, with colours.
ijqexternal link Interactive jq tool, like jqplay for the commandline
imgpexternal link Multi-core batch image resizer and rotator
insomnia-binexternal link API Client and Design Platform for GraphQL and REST
libtreeexternal link ldd as a tree
loggedfs-gitexternal link Filesystem monitoring with Fuse
nnn-nerdexternal link The fastest terminal file manager ever written (with icon support using a patched nerd font).
nwg-look-binexternal link GTK3 settings editor adapted to work w/ wlroots-based compositors (binary package)
pacgraphexternal link Draws a graph of installed packages to PNG/SVG/GUI/console. Good for finding bloat.
paruexternal link Feature packed AUR helper
pmountexternal link mount removable devices as normal user
podman-tuiexternal link Podman Terminal User Interface
procdumpexternal link Generate coredumps based off performance triggers
programmer-calculatorexternal link A command line calculator made for programmers working with multiple number representations and close to the bits
ps_memexternal link List processes by memory usage
quickemuexternal link Quickly create and run optimised Windows, macOS and Linux desktop virtual machines.
samplerexternal link A tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configured with a simple YAML file.
sftpgo-binexternal link Fully featured and highly configurable SFTP server with optional HTTP, FTP/S and WebDAV support. It can serve local filesystem, S3, GCS, Azure Blob, SFTP
sfzexternal link A simple static file server
sshpingexternal link ssh-based ping: measure character-echo latency and bandwidth for an interactive ssh session
syszexternal link fzf terminal UI for systemctl
teipexternal link Highly efficient “Masking tape” for standard input
tsukae-gitexternal link Show off your most used shell commands
ttf-twemojiexternal link Twitter Color Emoji for everyone.
typisktexternal link touchtype training in the terminal
tzexternal link A time zone helper
valeexternal link A customizable, syntax-aware linter for prose
vlc-pause-click-pluginexternal link Plugin for VLC that pauses/plays video on mouse click
wev-gitexternal link Print wayland events, like xev(1)
wlay-gitexternal link Graphical output management for Wayland
wlsunsetexternal link Day/night gamma adjustments for Wayland compositors
wofi-emoji-gitexternal link Emoji picker for Wayland using wofi and wtype
xdg-ninja-gitexternal link A shell script which checks your $HOME for unwanted files and directories.
zoomexternal link Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Service
zotero-binexternal link Zotero Standalone. Is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.

Mobile Apps #

Absolute dump. I use the List My Appsexternal link app to generate the csv, the csv is then uploaded to dropbox from where airtable pulls it. When generating the org file my custom script fetches from airtable. I did not want this to be a rube goldberg machine but there doesn’t seem to be a very clean way out in the way I need it at the moment.

Notionexternal link โ—‹ Adobe Acrobatexternal link โ—‹ Habitsexternal link โ—‹ GuitarTunaexternal link โ—‹ Adobe Scanexternal link โ—‹ Zomatoexternal link โ—‹ Embiggenexternal link โ—‹ Snapseedexternal link โ—‹ List My Appsexternal link โ—‹ link โ—‹ Ping Test Toolexternal link โ—‹ F-Droidexternal link โ—‹ PlantNetexternal link โ—‹ Paytmexternal link โ—‹ Quit Smokingexternal link โ—‹ Binaryexternal link โ—‹ Taskerexternal link โ—‹ Forestexternal link โ—‹ Plantaexternal link โ—‹ Kiteexternal link โ—‹ Wolfram Alphaexternal link โ—‹ Uberexternal link โ—‹ Keep Notesexternal link โ—‹ WhatsAppexternal link โ—‹ Awesome QRexternal link โ—‹ Trackexternal link โ—‹ Replitexternal link โ—‹ Google Podcastsexternal link โ—‹ CREDexternal link โ—‹ Protractorexternal link โ—‹ Pocketexternal link โ—‹ Grapevineexternal link โ—‹ Bluecoinsexternal link โ—‹ Url forwarderexternal link โ—‹ AnkiDroidexternal link โ—‹ Crayonexternal link โ—‹ SoundCloudexternal link โ—‹ Track & Graphexternal link โ—‹ Unit Converter Ultimateexternal link โ—‹ Pinterestexternal link โ—‹ GitHubexternal link โ—‹ VLCexternal link โ—‹ Telegramexternal link โ—‹ Airtableexternal link โ—‹ Niagara Launcherexternal link โ—‹ BHIMexternal link โ—‹ Shazamexternal link โ—‹ Drinkableexternal link โ—‹ Goodreadsexternal link โ—‹ Wikipediaexternal link โ—‹ Termuxexternal link โ—‹ Discordexternal link โ—‹ Signalexternal link โ—‹ Product Huntexternal link โ—‹ Coinexternal link โ—‹ SimpleLoginexternal link โ—‹ Syncthingexternal link โ—‹ Tapoexternal link โ—‹ Lithiumexternal link โ—‹ Snipdexternal link โ—‹ Braveexternal link โ—‹ NetGuardexternal link โ—‹ PhonePeexternal link โ—‹ HTTP Shortcutsexternal link โ—‹ BigOexternal link โ—‹ Splitwiseexternal link โ—‹ Relay Proexternal link โ—‹ Zoomexternal link โ—‹ Binanceexternal link โ—‹ Just Another Workout Timerexternal link โ—‹ Chessexternal link โ—‹ WiFiAnalyzerexternal link โ—‹ Tasksexternal link โ—‹ Rapidoexternal link โ—‹ DiskUsageexternal link โ—‹ TrebleShotexternal link โ—‹ Authenticatorexternal link

Datasets #

looking forward to play w
Name Remark Category
Marvel Comics APIexternal link Marvel Comics API [‘Fun’, ‘Media’]
Security Datasetsexternal link Re-play Security Events [‘Global’, ‘Tech’]
emoji-dataexternal link Easy to parse data and spritesheets for emoji [‘Fun’, ‘Code’]
UK House Price Indexexternal link [‘Geo’, ‘Outside India’]
Payments System Dataexternal link Comprehensive one stop place for all accessing, visualizing payments system data (PSD) in India [‘Finance’, ‘India’]
farmsubsidyexternal link Detailed data relating to payments and recipients of farm subsidies in every EU state [‘Geo’, ‘Outside India’]
Common Crawlexternal link repository of web crawl data [‘DNS’, ‘Documents’]
taxonworksexternal link web-based workbench for taxonomists and biodiversity scientists. [‘Geo’]
Umbrella Popularity Listexternal link The popularity list contains our most queried domains based on passive DNS usage [‘Global’, ‘Code’, ‘DNS’]
OS OpenDataexternal link Ordnance Survey OpenData [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
Data Gov Indiaexternal link Data on India [‘India’]
yrnoexternal link Online weather service from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute [‘Geo’, ‘Global’]
daylightmapexternal link Daylight is a complete distribution of global, open map data thatโ€™s freely available with support from community and professional mapmakers. [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
Open Transit Data (Delhi)external link IITD collab [‘Geo’, ‘India’]
lobbyfactsexternal link Exposing lobbying in the European institutions [‘Outside India’, ‘Documents’]
GPT-4-LLMexternal link Instruction GPT (GPT4 generated) [‘LLM’]
JusticeHubexternal link Legal & Justice Data [‘India’]
wigglenetexternal link Wireless network database [‘Geo’, ‘DNS’, ‘Code’]
handschriftenportalexternal link Old manuscripts [‘Documents’, ‘Media’]
punpediaexternal link Pun encyclopedia [‘Fun’]
emailserverlistexternal link list of email providers and some data abt them [‘DNS’]
WorldAtlasexternal link Pre-built TopoJSON from Natural Earth. [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
Theatricaliaexternal link A database of past and future theatre productions [‘Outside India’, ‘Fun’]
SpaceX-APIexternal link Open Source REST API for SpaceX launch, rocket, core, capsule, starlink, launchpad, and landing pad data. [‘Global’, ‘Fun’]
Geolocation Databaseexternal link IP - Geo Mapping [‘Geo’, ‘DNS’]
citiesexternal link 10,000 Cities with Latitude, Longitude, and Elevation [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
Subtree of Lifeexternal link relationships between different species. [‘Geo’]
Govt on githubexternal link Govts putting their stuff on github [‘Global’, ‘Govt’]
factbookexternal link World Factbook Country Profiles in JSON [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
asterankexternal link asteroid database, interactive visualizations, and discovery tools [‘Geo’, ‘Global’]
GH Archive external link GH Archive is a project to record the public GitHub timeline [‘Code’]
overturemapsexternal link open map data intended primarily to demonstrate the potential and possibilities for open map data [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
irail.beexternal link iRail api allows anyone to query trains, stations, liveboards and connections. [‘Geo’, ‘Outside India’]
GPTeacherexternal link Modular datasets generated by GPT-4 [‘LLM’]
Lobster users databaseexternal link We can create a graph out of it [‘Fun’, ‘Global’]
postcodesexternal link UK postcode & geolocation API, serving up open data [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
mobilitydataexternal link The Mobility Database catalogs is a repository of 1800+ mobility datasets across the world. [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
USDA_Pomological_Watercolorsexternal link 7,500 Watercolor Paintings of Every Known Fruit in the World: Download Them in High Resolution [‘Global’, ‘Media’]
Icelandic Saga Databaseexternal link online resource dedicated to publishing the Sagas of the Icelanders [‘Outside India’, ‘Media’, ‘Documents’]
Trancoexternal link A Research-Oriented Top Sites Ranking Hardened Against Manipulation [‘Global’, ‘Code’, ‘DNS’]
samanantarexternal link publicly available parallel corpora collection for Indic languages [‘India’]
Digitized Manuscriptsexternal link Digitized Manuscripts, Prints, Music, Maps, Photographs, Newspapers and Magazine [‘Documents’, ‘Media’]
OpenFlightsexternal link Various flight related data providers [‘Geo’]
opentopographyexternal link OpenTopography facilitates community access to high-resolution, Earth science-oriented, topography data, and related tools and resources. [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
The Majestic Millionexternal link The million domains we find with the most referring subnets [‘Global’, ‘Code’, ‘DNS’]
PlaneCrashListexternal link Plane crash rates by model [‘Geo’, ‘Global’]
Apple domainsexternal link [‘Global’, ‘Code’, ‘DNS’]
JSON Against Humanityexternal link Cards Against Humanityยฎ as plain text and JSON. [‘Fun’]
Yelpexternal link The Yelp Dataset [‘Global’]
trustwallet/assetsexternal link A comprehensive, up-to-date collection of information about several thousands (!) of crypto tokens. [‘Global’, ‘Finance’]
geofabrikexternal link we extract, select, and process free geodata for you. We create shape files, maps, map tiles and full-blown web mapping solutions. [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
celestrakexternal link understanding of our orbital environment and how to use it safely and responsibly. [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]
CrawlerNinjaexternal link Top 1 Million Sites Security Analysis [‘Global’, ‘DNS’, ‘Code’]
Ship Wreck Database 2external link [‘Fun’]
QuickWick/Music-AI-Voicesexternal link AI Voices [‘Media’]
opentreeoflifeexternal link comprehensive, dynamic and digitally-available tree of life [‘Geo’]
Digitalisierte Sammlungenexternal link Digitalisierte Sammlungen der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin [‘Documents’, ‘Media’]
GraphHopper Trafficexternal link GraphHopper Open Traffic Collection [‘Outside India’, ‘Geo’]
CreativeCommonsexternal link CC stuff [‘Documents’, ‘Media’]
sportsdatabaseexternal link peer-to-peer sports data with the SDQL API [‘Global’, ‘Sports’]
Wikipedia Embeddingsexternal link Multilang Wikipedia Embeddings [‘Documents’]
Airframeexternal link Something airport data [‘Geo’]
H1B salary DBexternal link H1B salaray database , search and sort [‘Outside India’, ‘Finance’]
landconflictwatchexternal link Tracking natural resource disputes in India [‘Geo’, ‘India’]
groundhogdayexternal link [‘Fun’]
Encyclopedia of Lifeexternal link Encyclopedia of Life [‘Geo’]
PublicDataMarketexternal link Random scraped datasets [‘Global’]
CF Radarexternal link CF Internet data [‘Geo’, ‘DNS’, ‘Code’]
Ship Wreck Databaseexternal link [‘Fun’]
gisgraphyexternal link Open source geocoder and addresses / POIs databases [‘Geo’, ‘Global’]
naturalearthdataexternal link Natural Earth you can make a variety of visually pleasing, well-crafted maps with cartography or GIS software. [‘Global’, ‘Geo’]