I get nerdsniped by myself more often that i’d like, but i still want to keep the question in the back of my head. Other times I am just curious about things and to try it out myself even if the solution to the problem is known to the world. I’ll dump my questionsexternal link here.

Systems #

How would I really sort a big file? #

Sort a 100GB file in 12GB memory. Various approaches.

cat main.cpp | tr a-z A-Z
# vs
tr a-z A-Z < main.cpp

Most efficient way to show last added file in the filesystem/dir #

Is IFS not Indian Forest Services? (Bash edition) #

How easy is for someone to steal my stdout stuff #

Lower case letters? #


How does gpu actually do computation? #

Security #

Does iframe+cors does not do what i think it does? #

See SO answers here signin inside iframe - Google Searchexternal link

how would i hack myself w ssh? #

How to know everything about a website from the public domain(osint) #

Math #

German Tank Problem #

Web #

HTML title #

Others #