List of lists

Personal #

Personal Personal #

  • VaLuEs : Things that sort of shape who I am
  • Beliefs : If I wrote the bible
  • Won’t Do : Things that I’ll never ever, ever ever, attempt in this lifetime
  • Would do again : Things i want to do again, spend more time doing
  • Lies : Lies that i keep telling myself
  • Can speak on : Things that I can talk about for 30mins straight, without prep
  • Angels : List of people without whom i would be more nobody than the nobody i am today
  • Wrong Deals : Deals that went wrong in my life or my unfair expectations
  • Don’t like it : Things that i do not like
  • Conversations dump : Absolute chaos

Semi Personal #

  • My delusions : Things that I see that I think others don’t, but they probably do
  • What if : Just letting my imagination run wild
  • Predictions : things that i have 100% conviction will happen, inevitable forces. Also bets.
  • Communities : Ah! Humans.
  • sElF hElP : Self help blogposts that sort of actually helped me.
  • Apologies : things that i want to publicly apologize about
  • Jargonfile : Words!
  • Quotes : only talk no action things i found on the interwebs
  • Thankful : I have a lot to be thankful about.

In my radar #

List of things that are in my radar along with the reason why interested

Cool list #

collection of things that I think are cool one way or the other.

  • Bots : Insects and bugs i want to be friends with
  • Portfolios : Personal homepages/wikis/portfolios that I like
  • Websites : Random websites that I think are cool

Random lists #

Useful lists #

Lists elsewhere on the internet #