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This is not a syllabus and learning things is not so linear as presented here but I just wanted to lay out an outline for reference if I ever get lost again. Of-course I am not pressuring myself to learn all this and there’s no priority here, these are general subjects that i am interested in.

Computer Science/Software Engineering #

Topic Why Depth(1-5)
Computer Networks and Security understand my network, debug network problems, better threat model. 3
Network Programming Contribute to the networking subsystem and important for when I would want to actually implement dist sys things 3
Systems Programming Be able to performance test things, finetune stuff, Understand underlying things for all things systems 4
Databases write a toy DB and understand parts, contribute to some open source relational db 2
Data structures and algorithms Be able to follow any algorithm that’s laid out given enough time and convert it into a program 3
Distributed Systems Be able to plan things better and more precisely also to understand how systems work together 4
Compilers When stuck with a parser/interpreter problem i am scared + idk what to do or expect. Get rid of the fear 2
Graphics/Game programming I’ve been told that it’s a different way of thinking, very curious 2
PL/Functional programming I’ve experimented but never really dived in. I like it and want to learn more of it. 3

Electronics #

Topic Why Depth(1-5)
Electronics Engineering Want to play around with the pi(s) and duinos but don’t know shit 1
Computer Arch Just curious 1

Science #

Topic Why Depth(1-5)
Physics I loved physicsexternal link in schoolexternal link , college made me hate it, think I’ll love it if i get to it again 2
Mechanics I want to understand how some machines work 1

Math #

Topic Why Depth(1-5)
Statistics I do not understand data, need to understand data 4
Number Theory Need help with thinking when dealing with algorithms 3
Complex numbers Scared. Don’t want to be scared of myself(i) 1
Discrete Math Need to write proper proofs, also interesting 3
Category Theory Just because it sounds so cool and idk what the fuck it is 1
Calculus Keeps coming back 1
Diff. Eqns Keeps coming back also interesting 2
Linear Algebra Need to be clear about some numbers, I have forgotten the basics 3
Real Analysis Want to understand numbers better 1

Data, Thinking and Information management #

Topic Why Depth(1-5)
Writing i suck at writing, i don’t want to suck at writing because it’s the only way I like communicating in 4
Cartography i love maps, they are pretty cool, think this will also help so many of my projects that I have in mind 3
Data analysis real deal shit, whatever I do, i cannot escape this 4
Data vis I am a very visual learner so I need to know what are my options when I have some data and I want to visualize it 3
Information theory & HCI Want to better understand how information is structured and how humans perceive it 3
Thinking Be a more clear thinker. I need to be a better thinker every year. Introduce new ideas, be clear about my intentions when I speak. Improve the search engine of my brain. 4
Philosophy Become unhingedexternal link and antifragile 2

Web #

Topic Why Depth(1-5)
Web-development Build things quickly 4
Web-hacking most of the things i want to build need some sort of fuckery 4

Education #

Topic Why Depth(1-5)
Education system of the world Really do not want to re-invent the wheel, It’s important to see do case studies and research 5
Education system of India Parhega India Tabhi toh Barhega India 5
Real world situation Lot of my projects are related to education so I will have to have systems in place which feed me infomation about what’s going on in the system 5

World #

Topic Why Depth(1-5)
Economics Need to understand how world works 3
Finance Need to make some monie and manage my own money 3
Business Need to start own business and help in businesses of friends and family 4
History I like to pretend I like history. just kidding, i like it v much. 3

Art and Design #

Topic Why Depth(1-5)
Architecture drawings Want to drawexternal link what i want to build before
Voxel Art Really like them 2