I am comfortable living with myself and spending time alone and I try to create an environment for myself where I can thrive. I’ve been through some shit and I am still recovering, so I am not yet available for everything and everyone but I plan to be more social eventually. From past experiences, things usually go south when I step out of my bubble and interact with the world. So I’ve listed things I know about myself that are helpful when working with me, both for myself and others. These are important for me so that I can keep being functional. I took inspiration copied shit from amazing manfredexternal link and nice brendanexternal link while creating this page.

I don’t have a full time job and not looking for one as of the moment. My ideas about creating money are listed at Gandhi ₹ . In certain cases, I plan to get some bread though collaborations. I am open to all kinds of collaborations, specially crazy ones. I like juggling hats but also big fan of going down the rabbit hole and not returning to the surface for weeks. I’ve listed some thoughts below which might help you decide if you’d want me to collaborate with you/your team.

In summary, I like to build software, analyze data, think about information in general, research education, consult and write. I also enjoy collaborating with niche communities.

Additionally, if you just want to have a casual chat about something we both are interested in or just want to tell me that I am full of shit, I always appreciate those conventions.

Strengths and Specialties #

This list is volatile, I’ll keep updating this frequently.

  • Data : In my past, I’ve solved problems related to data wranglingexternal link , In other words extracting data out of some source and putting it somewhere and in some way where it makes more sense.
  • Tools : Building tools and automation, big fan of building custom tools. Be it woodwork or writing set of shell scripts to do taxes for your brother in law which also collects metrics about his kitchen garden.
  • Right thing : Extreme focus on doing the right thing vs doing the thing that gets the job done now. I picked this up while working at Clarisightsexternal link and still improving at it.
  • No bloat : Figuring out no bloat solutions to problems related to content management and knowledge management. I have special interests in proper organization, using the right tool for the job, building new tools if things don’t fit the exact requirements, delivering the most upto-date information to the consumer and having proper archival mechanisms.
  • Writing : I am actually pretty bad at writing but the love for writing is so much in me that I totally consider it a strength. I am actively learning to write better.
  • Research : I have never actually done any research for anyone else but I happen to figure out whatever I need, whenever I need it. I plan to have a more proper way of thinking about this so that I can do the same for others.
  • No knowledge, no worries : If I am interested, even if I do not know anything about your domain or stack, I’ll quickly pick things up and get myself upto speed so that I can compliment what I have to offer, but now specific to your domain.

What I absolutely cannot contribute to #

These are things I do not wish to delve into in near future, but might in the far future.

  • If your project involves AI/ML. I probably would have no idea about how I can make any contribution to that area.
  • If it involves hardcore embedded development and electronics. I probably would have no idea about it and would probably have somewhat of a hard time figuring things out.

Interest Inventory #

This body of interests also indicates a path of discoveryexternal link which has been found and promises a lively time in the future. The things that I keep coming back to most of the time revolve around education, humor, social issues, climate issues, optimizing things for happiness and stability, making regular things suck a little less, things that need solving now, total re-thinking of how something is done. I have varying amount of knowledge in the areas and every experiment is a new learning opportunity. :)

There is more to be done in the following up of these interests than can be accomplished in a lifetime. So I keep track of all my ideas in public and am open to collaborating with teams doing similar things. The internet is a serendipity machine and if sharing things publicly helps me find the right people to work with, it’s a win. I like small teams who work on specific things to accomplish ambitiousexternal link goals that work. If you or your team is working on anything related to the my interests and is looking for someone to collaborate with, I am very much willing to learn more and be an active participant.

  • Local : Projects related to Guwahati/neighboring places, which aim to make the city better in small ways. Also open for classes, workshops and other local events(doesn’t necessarily have to be technical).
  • Data : Data gathering, analysis and visualization. Specially geospatial, time-series and social data.
  • Writing, Archival and Curation : Writing content specific to my interests, curating lists and libraries, for everything from independent curricula to businesses. Building proper archival and backup systems for the same.
  • Small Tech/Low tech/Small data/P2P : Boring, playful, smallexternal link and offline firstexternal link technologies and standards, I am interested both in the development of these standards and extending the usecases. I like the indiewebexternal link and what the folks at small-techexternal link are doing.
  • Cybernetics, creative tooling and communication : I am interested in how we can help make our communications better using new mediums.
  • Consulting : I love collaborating on fun, ambitious, random experiments on the internet and offline. I try to understand the experiment and then let you know how I can be helpful and then go ahead contribute to the areas I can contribute to.
  • Education : I am a big proponent of open accessexternal link to learning resources and an outright hater of the evil edtech giants and flop traditional institutions in India which manufacture crushedexternal link kids every year here in the country straightup leading to misery. I am willing to work on this area in all fronts, be it calling out bad actors, creating new information products, researching how we can learn better, experimenting with custom learning tools, campaigning, indexing research for other researchers, you name it. I have a lot of respect for KhanAcademyexternal link .

Communication #

I like interacting with people but I like it more when they get to the point right away. In other words, not a small talk enjoyer. I am a big fan of humor and total believer in being serious without a suit. So cut the formal shit, just get to the point, If there’s something I can help you with, I will do everything in my ability to be helpful to you because I just want to be somewhere where I can help and my help is needed.

101 ways of contacting me(ranked) #

  1. Twitter DMs
  2. Sending me a collaborative document like google doc
  3. Email
  4. Other asynchronous instant messenger (Discord, Signal, Telegram, etc).
  5. Video call (Scheduled) + A Document to discuss throughout the call
  6. Video call (Scheduled)
  7. ...
  8. Wake me up from my sleep and tell me about it
  9. Morse code
  10. A voice call on my phone without prior info

Communication Style #

  • I have a problematic communication style where I simply do not respond to messages unless I have the answer or something that’ll help get the answer. I am trying to improve on it. Please don’t take it personal. (Update: I have done some personal work on this, now I am more prompt.)
  • If whatever you sent me made me feel overwhelmed in any way (happy/sad/confused), I’ll let it sit with me for a while and only respond when I feel that I am ready to respond to it. This is in contraryexternal link to how much I enjoy fast feedback loops.

Roads that lead to me #

Handles #

Security #

pgp #

For the paranoid. Email or Delta Chatexternal link

8963 3907 AE52 C5B4 72A1  ABF3 CB46 502E A121 F97D

ssh #

Give me access to your stuff.

ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIAlbx1OR+AQyx4JHmerfY9kcfJfeJVptl1z3Wu6cIwuH

age #

For the really really paranoid. I am not even sure where i’ve kept the private key, but if you send, i’ll find it.