When relatives ask me kar kya rahe ho life mein?, I feel like responding with chal bhagg. But I ultimately end up saying something like matlab aisa bilkul immediate nahi soche hai but sochengeexternal link . Now that I have a now page, I’ll be able to point them to it.

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What are you doing? #

I am (still!) in Guwahati, will be traveling to see a friend next month. I have been studying for last 6 months and this week I’ll be starting my job hunt. This is going to be tough, but let’s roll. I am hoping to land a job by august'23. Also recently joined socharaexternal link for helping with their digital humanities efforts.

What are you studying? #

  • Studying things in bulk is almost gone, from now on everything should mostly be incremental study and learning things from experiments and experiences of trying to make things happen
  • I made a study topics to projects to work on mapping that I really like.
  • Guitar: This is going very slow, but I plan to make time.

What are you thinking about these days? #

I am slightly anxious these days, would not like to state why, mostly because I am unsure.

What did I do this time? #

I realized few things

  • I am slow af, i need to speed things up (I am slow as a person, slowness has become a habit over 20 years, I want to change it)
  • I isolated myself from social media last few months, this month I joined again, some part of me is saying I should not have joined back but it’s fine. nbd.