Why the titles are not subject names but some weird goals kind of thing?

I always had issues relating what I am studying to how I am going to use it. A foolish attempt to resolve this is to mention the why of the syllabus instead of the syllabus name(subject). Also it’s easier to tell the why then to assign a subject because the resources I have under them are somewhat unstructured.

Whenever I have a new information resource, I categorize it at entry. It can go under any one of these:

I try my best to not repeat links across these pages. I have not setup any automated link checker for either duplication/backlinks/linkrots etc.

This is my syllabi created in October'22.

💼 HB01: How businesses works #

🆘 HB03: Get back at basic math #

🌎 HB04: Get a grip over Web Development #

Get your HTTP basics right #

Get a hold of web engineering #

Time for Webassembly #

Get your web security right #

🐂 HB05: Computer graphics #

🔍 HB06: Basic security knowledge upgrade #

OAuth and OIDC and Tokens #

🐲 HB07: Become functional #

Be at ease with Python #

Be at ease with shell scripting and my local system #

Be building with Golang #

🚢 HB08: Server Admin and network troubleshooter #

Deploying systems #

Maintaining Services #

Containers #

Oops! Observability #

What’s up DNS? #

🐔 HB09: Remove database fear #

Context on DBs #

SQLite #

Postgres #

🐖 HB10: Become pragmatic #

Advice by other people #

Learn more about API design #

🌺 HB11: Languages and how they are made #

🦆 HB12: Comfortable w Distributed Systems #

General Dist Sys #

🐅 HB13: Really wanna Systems #

A word of warning for self here, I am interested in this stuff but it seems like there are not too many directly applicable jobs or projects I can work on, so study these accordingly.

But this info in-directly will always be helpful for me in other areas.

🕸 HB14: Scraping and Archival #

㊙ HB15: Working with data #

Do the work with Data science #

Data processing #

HB17: Analyze, Visualize and Plot! #

HB20: Understand P2P #