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I don’t care if this sounds stupid but look at the above image and just recall how insignificant we are. Humans created something called money and started valuing it, making it way of communication, creating economies around it, making it the way how research gets done, making it the driver of showbiz and what not. It really be just something humans believe in and built overlay products, instruments and theories on top. I don’t think money is bad or anything, but like it’s just as real as our imagination.

You can technically decide to not believe in god because you can exist without it as your life is not run by god. But if I live in this economy and tell I don’t believe in money, I’ll become what they call broke. Simply because money runs it. I already have this life that’s mine and I constantly feel like the world is trying to sell my own life to me. My dog once ate a โ‚น2000 note and then started smiling at me.

But now I am addicted to it, I cannot go back to the jungle and become unalive the next day when the friendly noodleboi decides to kiss me. So it’s apparent that I have to play the money game whether I like it or not. So, if I am going to play and I know there are no rules, I can decide how I want to play. I do not have to select a template, I can create customized gameplan that fits my needs. So that’s what this page is about. It’s not unique but it’s custom, and boi do I love me some customizations. I have a feeling that after a while, I’ll be like fuck this customization just give me a template, but at this moment and I am excited and we rollexternal link till that happens.

Why do this? #

Discovering new ways to make money is fun, particularly when it comes to building sustainable revenue streams for creative work. There are few folks I found on the internet who create money in their own way and they seem to be really enjoying it (atleast from the outside). I might not have 1% of the talent as this personexternal link but I really like what they do and how they be making money out of it, they basically sell products and experiences to people around the world, nothing too fancy but pretty cool.

If we talk about mantras and shit, I understand that marketing plays a huge role but I am slightly more inclined towards the just do good work and people will start noticing school of thought. One of the core ideas is that making money should be a side-effect of what I do.

So let’s see how this goes, I am going to experiment this for the next 3-4 years and if nothing works out, I can confirm that I was a mega stupid(which I am) when I was 25.

Economics #

I have to study economics. I have 0 knowledge in the area but the way I am planning to work around this area is better described by Andy Matuschak in his homepage:

My methods meander between academia and Silicon Valley: I explore theories by expressing them in real-world systems, which produce insights I use to improve the theories, which I use in turn to improve the systems, and so on.

So once I have a better idea of the following and things start rolling, I’ll extend this section with more formal details about how everything is working together.

Following are the hats/feathers/badges(๐ŸŽฉ,๐Ÿฆ,๐Ÿ“›) that I plan to work with. With a scattered brain and such optionality, I myself can see that is the perfect recipe for disaster but honestly do not have a lot to lose. On top of that I’ll be extensively documenting everything so at the least a stupid case study will come out in the end. Funny thing is I have not started working on any of this, but I guess some planning was necessary If I plan on doing so many things, these things align with the masterplan .

Hustle and grind. Create 7 streams of income. Work 18 hour days - anything less and you’re a loser destined for mediocrity. Read 5 books a week. Start trading stocks and crypto. Take cold showers, hit the gym. Optimize your schedule, log every minute spent. Ditch your loser friends and only hang out with likeminded - success breeds success. Sigma grindset. Moon or bust. If you’re not worth $1 million liquid before 30, cut off your finger and work even harder. Analyze your productivity and always look for places to cut fat. - HN Commentexternal link

amirite fren? hoi ne nohoi? hori bul! hori bul!

  • Builder : Buildexternal link anythingexternal link and try to monetize it if possible. This will probably be my primary source of income as of the moment. From what I see, it’s not easy at all but should be worth it. Be a craftsman of sorts.
  • Independent researcher: R&D on tools for thought and the Indian education system
  • Internet writer: Writing regularly in areas of interest
  • Data journalist and Internet Detective: Churning out data and presenting them in a more accessible manner if I come accross any such cases
  • Activist and Social worker: Active Activist in areas I care about. I feel like Activism is effective in certain areas that I’ll be working on but lot of it is done in in-effective ways or maybe too late or something. Also all humans should be social workers, like you’re responsible for keeping your room clean, not sure why we made it a tag.
  • Business owner: Not trying to be the cool entrepreneur here. Pure baniya style businesses just to undertand how things work around here. I think there’s not too much risk in this.
  • Collaborations: Collaborations are pretty cool way to make money I think, you meet new people, have fun and also make money in the endexternal link . I’ve written extensively about how I want to collaborate here .
  • Local information curation : I do not know how I can describe this role well enough but it’s basically collecting local and geographical data and making it useful for people who can benefit from it directly, now.
  • Occasional House cleaner: I think cleaning is my true passion but apparently not a lot of money in cleaning. But I still can do it for relatives and friends.

Even though I am concern about making money here. I am ready to trade money with anything else which will help me reach my goals.

Fund me #

I will probably keep some fund me links here if I ever feel like the work I do is giving back or it is creating significant value. Till then here’s my Amazon wishlistexternal link if you’re feeling generous.

My donations #

if you can’t stay filled up, you have no business pouring out - someone on the internets

I am currently donating to the IFFexternal link and would urge you to donate as well. Other than that, most of my donations are ad hoc. Going forward, I would like to use this section to keep proper track of all of my donations.

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