Who am I? #

I am a developer with a wide variety of interests and I am on my way to certain death . I am trying to build a large volume of things and also get my fundamentals right. Unfortunately after all these years, I still am in the discovery phase and I guess that’s alright.

Setup #

Hardware #

  • Laptop : My laptop is my primary development machine. It is a 3 year old ThinkPad E480. I’ve swapped the HDD for 512SSD and upgraded to 12G memory. I run Arch Linux on it, been pretty smooth.
  • Desktop : The PC has good enough specs but I haven’t started gaming on it yet. It has a RTX3050, 32G memory and a 512SSD for disk along with Ryzen5 3600. Overall good machine ๐Ÿ‘. It runs Windows 11 and there are certain cases where I use it for development, going forward I think I might be using my Windows machine for a lot of development work as well.
  • Extras : I have one UltraWide(29 inch) monitor that I use whenever I am on my desk. For keyboard I have a vanilla Ducky One 2 SF w red keys. Both nice.
  • Phone : I have one OnePlus9 and a Pixel3A(secondary).
  • Book reader : I have an old kindle that I never use but plan to use.
  • Watch : F-91Wexternal link , planning to switch to Casio square BT G-Shock (B5600, B5000)external link eventually.
  • Sound : I use this old boat sound bar. Speakers over headsets anyday. I have OnePlus Buds Z2 for on the go listening and meetings. I also have these expensive Alienware gaming headset that I would have never bought myself(got it for free).

Lifestyle #

  • Place: I am in Guwahati(obv. can’t beat Bangalore weather), the place is great to work from during winters but during summers, no. So in the future I’ll plan my summers somewhere other than Guwahati, I’ll probably move out eventually.
  • Room : My room used to be a cattle house. I upgraded the room(Jan'22) to look a little nicer. It has been one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made. My mood and mental health has significantly improved. I think the room lighting has a lot to do with it as well.
  • Wardrobe : I always had a minimal wardrobe, I don’t have a shoe(my dog ate it), now I just have one pair of rugged flip flops that I use to go on dates to never get a second date
  • Random : I use a glass drinking water bottle on my table instead of a plastic one. Just feels better. I use stones to light my classic regular ๐Ÿšฌ, it adds to the aesthetic needs.
  • Travel : I save travel cost by not traveling at all. Keeping sunglasses on my table > keeping them inside my bag.

Software #

I use arch btw. See this generated list for packages.

Security #

  • I carry a picture of a knife on my phone with me all the time. robbers be-aware.
  • Single UNO reverse card for extreme situations
  • For password management, I used to use pass but then I switched to bitwarden. I am planning to move to selfhosted one soon. I need easy access to my password from my phone.

Know more about my system #

I shall dump relevant links which will help me understand my systems better here. Make sure to clean up this list and summarize the learnings in some way.