I do not have linkedin but my dog and 2 friendly cats agree that I can write 3 lines of code without passing out.

Resume: General | SWE | Data engineer | SRE | Freelancer

Introduction #

Hrishikesh Barman

Hello! I’m a full-stack software engineer based in Guwahati/Bangalore, India.

I’m @geekodourexternal link on GitHub, @myfknlimitexternal link on twitter.

I am currently: Looking for full/contract/part time work. Feel free me to email me .

My ideal position: Ideally I would want to work on creative tools for thinkingexternal link and p2p systems. Due to my current skills and market demands not matching up to that yet, I am more than happy to work with web and systems engineering projects. I specialize in backend development while also aiming to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire project. This includes prototyping, lifecycle, testing, documentation, deployment, and infrastructure management.

Skills #

I’ve described by domain interests in the Strengths and Specialties and the Interest Inventory sections. Following specific technologies I’ve previously worked with and have command over.

  • Basic web applications: TypeScript, React, HTML5, CSS
  • Complex web applications: WebRTC, Websockets, WebAssembly, Browser performance
  • Building backends: Golang, NodeJS, Python, OCaml, Ruby
  • Working with databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite
  • Tools&Automation: Golang, Python, C++, JavaScript, Lua, Bash, CI/CD systems and CLI tools.
  • Managing code and docs: Git, org-mode, markdown
  • Operating infra: AWS, GCP, Ansible, Nix, Kubernetes, Nagios, Prometheus
  • Managing systems: Containers\VMs, linux systems skills
  • Handing distributed systems: RPC, decentralized databases, message brokers, P2P
  • Network&Security: SSH, Tailscale
  • Data engineering: Kafka, Airflow, BigQuery, PyData stack, Datasette, Metabase, other similar tools.
  • Domain knowledge: API Design, accessibility, localization, unicode, Tools of thought, Archival and Data extraction/scraping, Network Programming

If you want to take a look at the tools that I use day to day, check Workflows and gears

Projects #

CV #

💼 Professional #

  • Clarisights (August'20 - March'22)
    • Bangalore. Data Engineer.
    • Executed the design and implementation of several integrations to the ETL pipeline, ensuring optimal efficiency in data reading and writing. This mostly involved Ruby, MongoDB and PostgreSQL along with some Python with a pinch of Airflow and custom DSLs as seasoning.
    • Was part of weekly on-calls addressing both system and customer issues. Built integrations in the stringent deadlines which helped in securing key business partnerships for the company.
  • rtCamp (July'19 - August'19)
    • Pune. Systems Intern.
    • Working on myriad of sysadmin and monitoring related tasks.
  • CNCF/Prometheus (May'19 - August'19)
    • Berlin (Remote). Google Summer of Code student.
    • Worked on refining the release benchmarking system for Prometheus called Prombench. This involved working with Grafana, Containers, Kubernetes(GKE), CI/CD systems and lots of Go.
    • The outcome of this effort was a heightened level of scrutiny into the Prombench system, providing developers with increased flexibility to compare different Prometheus versions with greater precision.
  • Free Software Foundation (Aug'18 - Dec'18)
    • Boston (Remote). SysAdmin Intern.
    • I evaluated the feasibility of replacing the Nagios with Prometheus. My primary responsibilities included the development of Ansible roles and create various scripts to support the implementation using python, shell scripts and go.
  • Freelancing SWE (Nov'15 - Present)
    • Remote. Full stack software engineer.
    • Delivering functional, readable, well tested code with clear documentation. Previously I’ve worked with customized web application solutions, extensions/plugins, automation scripts/bots/scrapers for a diverse range of clients globally. In recent times, I have been more interested in archival projects.

🏃 Positions & Responsibilities #

  • CNCF/Prometheus (May'20 - August'20)
    • Berlin (Remote). Google Summer of Code mentor.
    • Mentored two students contribute to the Prometheus benchmarking tool.
  • Mozilla (May'17 - Sept'19)
    • Guwahati. Campus Club Captain.
    • Conducted 20+ events in and outside campus related to OpenSource and Mozilla
  • Microsoft (May'17 - May'18)
    • Guwahati. Student Partner.
    • Active participation in organizing events related to emerging technologies and introducing student
  • OSS Ecosystem (2017-2020)
    • Remote. Contributor/Maintainer.
    • I participated actively in many open source community in projects that I was using/interested me. Firefox, Thunderbird, Django, Neovim, Prometheus etc.
  • Cisco Learning Network (2012-2015)
    • Remote. Member.
    • Active participation is discussions related to computer networks

Miscellaneous achievements #

  • 2019 Finalist, Smart India Hackathon - Cisco Track.
  • 2018 India National Finalist, Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018.
  • 2017 PwC Track Winner, Hack2Innovate Deep Tech Hackathon by Nvidia and PwC.
  • 2017 Honorable Mentions, DMCH - Countering online extremism by Facebook&YKA.
  • 2014 Winner, Esplendidez Paper Presentation on WhatsApp vulnerability.
  • 2012 Honorable Mentions, NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest.

Process #

Doing good work and doing the right thing is incredibly important to me. I’ll work for your organization/project with existing and new challenges advocating and building practical solutions. While doing so I highly value good communication and transparency through out the project duration. I am not a process purist, but here’s a basic outline. (h/t flow/controlexternal link )

  • Discovery: Existing environment review ◦ Data Collection ◦ Data Preprocessing
  • Planning: Systems Integration ◦ Technical Requirements
  • Prototyping: Parallel Design ◦ Rapid Prototyping ◦ Data Visualisation
  • Validation: Analytics ◦ Benchmarking
  • Development: Fullstack ◦ Feedback cycle

I have a custom PRD Templateexternal link and Architecture Document Templateexternal link that I use.

Languages #

My native language is Assamese, and I speak fluent English and Hindi. Additionally, I understand the language of love and money too.

Policies #

I want to be easy to work with. I understand you have your own requirements, and you need things to be correct for any due diligence.

Control #

While working with you/your organization, I can:

  • Actively sell and market my services in our industry.
  • Fully control all my own hardware, software, etc.
  • Freely reject work which is not defined in the requirement document/timeline.
  • Freely renegotiate our mandate at each renewal if requirements/situations change.
  • Hire staff to do the same(without any change in mandate)

Contract #

  • Our business relationship must be founded on mutual goodwill and intent.
  • I provide a service to your company, and I will do so as passionately, carefully, and correctly as possible.
  • If I find myself no longer motivated to work with you, or you are not satisfied with the outcomes of my work, we will terminate the contract under good terms and part ways like reasonable people.

I am happy to sign limited term Non-Disclosure Agreements. I do not accept unlimited term NDAs, I am not interested in taking on liabilities which cannot be practically enforced. Please choose a reasonable NDA term, and I will be very happy to accept it.

Payments and Mandate #

  • I bill on project milestones by invoice.
  • They are expected to be fulfilled within 10 days. Since I have no interest in legal matters, invoices left unpaid after 10 days result in immediate mandate termination, no exceptions.