This website be my homepage and this page is its colophonexternal link . Here I’ve listed why the homepage is the way it is, its structure and some ideas behind it. Check Locus 🌊 , if you’re looking for an overview of all the personal things I host publicly.

Why have a homepage? #

I have absolute zero game on words but I consider myself an opsimath and autodidact. I have an extremely bad memory and my knowledge about most things is pretty shallow because I never really threw myself into the deep end of things.

But I am changing that, the homepage(and my wiki) are core part of my thinking process. They help me clear random things off my mind and let me focus on what’s important, the moment. It really works! The chaos has reduced by significant amount after I started writing out documents for silly things that occupy my mind.

The way I organize, use and consume digital information, I need some place where I can host notes about things that I want to take a look at some later point in time, organized in specific ways. A simple homepage was the perfect fit for my needs, a wiki would have been too dynamic. It is also useful to present a cached/discounted version of me.

Also, I know it’s stupid but like I cannot be fully me in social media, but here? you can’t downvote me! this is my space i’ll say whatever i want, one can judge me all they want, but it does not matter to me. I can wriTe like This? don’t care. i can also write like this? also don’t care. I CAN WRITE LIKE THIS TOO? NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD. i rite liek dis? do not fucking care. I swear a lot? yes pleaseexternal link .

Site Structure and Organization #

The source is hosted on GitHubexternal link . It’s a couple of org files exported to markdown with awesome ox-hugo. The site is then pushed to the forge and netlify picks it up from there. I love my current workflow the most compared to all the other previous blogging workflows.

I can’t claim to have originated many of the ideas hereexternal link . It builds off many hours of reading many articles and blogs and other things, which are attributed when possible.

Things I want to add later #

General Ideas #

Review/Long form explanatory style articles #

Shit ideas #

  • A Simple STL Viewer with Three.jsexternal link : Add something like this, want to put out some terrible things
  • A collaborative movie watchlist manager: I cannot watch movies alone. I want to have a small webapp where one can enter (suggestion name, suggestor name, secret) and make an entry. Once an entry is made, I get an email about it and we can schedule watching it together offline. using netflix party or something. Use your nick and not your real name if possible if you don’t want your name to appear on this website!

Personal Meta Search Engines #

Imageboard # for memes w quick search. meme thing has to do ocr and image desc both.

Add some basic LLM modelexternal link on my wikiexternal link , so that I can ask my wiki things like “Explain me the difference between Process and Threads”. It does not have to answer me, if it can point me to relevant pages that’ll be more than enough.

Indie web #

Written about this in my wiki, refer wiki.


Written about this in my wiki, refer wiki.

Webring #

Quantification Ideas #

I plan to quantify a lot of things. I only want to quanify things I can act upon, so I’ll not just quanify anything for the sake of quanitifying. Following is a badly formatted idea dump related to quantification that I would like to explore sometime in the future.

Ugly list of Quantification ideas