Things to say when

Will be updating this page frequently because I come up with the best thing to say at places when I come back to my room from where I could say that thing. And it’s common knowledge that the best arguments to fights come in the shower. See CannedTXTexternal link , extract things out of it for personal use.

  • 5 minutes? just ask the person how they got into the thing that they’re into. when did you first get into astrology / neuroscience / norse mythology / mongolian throat singing? how did that happen? wow, no way!! and then? you’re kidding. what?? yeai see it. damn! how else?
  • what do newbies like me typically get wrong about X? why do think that is? what’s your favorite thing about X? why? what’s the biggest source of drama in the X community right now? are you on either side or do you see both merits? etc etc. 3 hours have gone by

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Attending a party #

  • sike! i bought a goat with me.

On a first date #

Most of these are picked from ankit’s instagram(that’s how i know he mega simp) or other parts of the internet.

  • What are your day dreams about?
  • What does your soul look like?
  • If you could paint, what would be the first thing you’d paint?
  • How do you treat silence?
  • How do you forgive yourself?
  • What’s the most important thing for you?
  • How do you love?
  • What are you looking for? are you looking for something?

Just saw a crime happen #

  • Why did you have to do it like that?
  • Are you stupid in the brain?

When someone is sad/grieving #

  • Don’t be sad. Stop being sad. Problem solved.
  • May her memory be a blessing
  • It is said that every man die twice. Once even you stop breathing and once when somebody utters your name for the last time. May he live his second life for all of eternity.