Twitter bots #

Boi does twitter suck at most basic things, they successfully managed to delete my collection of twitter list twice without any way to get that back. I have 0 trust on that site. So backing up my favoriteexternal link botsexternal link here.

Name Description
RoofSlappingBotexternal link * slaps the roof of a bot * this bad boy can fit so many assertions in it
yayfrensexternal link Hello! I am a loving friend bot!
mondomascotsexternal link Celebrating the weird, wonderful mascots of Japan. My Instagram:… . ゆるキャラが大好きなイギリス人です。
78_samplerexternal link i’m an unofficial bot posting clips from the IA’s great 78 project.
newshomepagesexternal link An open-source archive that gathers, saves, shares and analyzes news homepages. A 🤖 by @palewire. Updates hourly. On Mastodon at
stats_feedexternal link There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.
tinywordsmatterexternal link A curated dose of ✍️ microcopy. Because tiny words matter!
conceptsbotexternal link a bot that gives you various ideas. it talks back to you.
TerribleMapsexternal link The home of terrible maps with a pinch of humour
Article21_Indexternal link Defending human rights, particularly the right to life and livelihood, at the intersection of digital technologies and welfare. Roots @no2uid
Classic_picxexternal link Some words with a picture underneath.
ThreatNotationexternal link Cataloguing threatening music notation. DM submissions welcome—please include source whenever possible. Link to shop below.
ShitUserStoryexternal link I hope someday the owner realizes that using gradients in the images suck balls
newsthistweetexternal link A bot that turns tweets into funny News image.Handled by - @swak_12
nonprofitssayexternal link Capturing the aesthetic beauty of nonprofit organizational expression. All we need now is a facilitator.
cantwithoutgoogexternal link Examples of how several websites depend on Google servers to function as intended.
todayininfosecexternal link Tweeting news from the world of information security that occurred or was announced on today’s date in a previous year.
HistoryMuppetexternal link FAN PAGE dedicated to continuing the spirit and silliness of Jim Henson! Created and Operated by @HalfHearted_JG Business:
doomscroll_botexternal link telling you to drink water, sit up straight, and stop doomscrolling. (bot-in-progress by @karenkho) (current avi: Frog from Meika gafu by Matsumoto Hoji, 1814)
EuphemismBotexternal link There is no need for that kind of language.
256farbenexternal link painting in the style of Gerhard Richter’s “color charts”
TechBroDripexternal link DMs open for submissions
fckeverywordexternal link Fuck every word in the English language. Task did complete in 2020.
simple_sabotageexternal link The contents of this Manual should be carefully controlled and should not be allowed to come into unauthorized hands.
BigTechAlertexternal link Follow what the CEOs and other high executives from Big Tech companies do on Twitter.
happyautomataexternal link vaguely reassuring state machines
PlaguePoemsexternal link Sackcloth is always in style. (ig: plague_poems)
NATALIALABELexternal link Designer.
pomologicalexternal link bot tweeting random images from the pomological watercolor collection
Indian_Indexexternal link Telling India’s 🇮🇳 story through numbers.Ideas, leads, feedback: indianindex123@gmail.comYou’ve made this far; make sure to hit the follow button.
petfindernamesexternal link animals with unconventional names
devmsg_txtexternal link Bot posting real hidden messages left by developers in the code of their video games
computerfactexternal link no one knows how computers work but now you can
GoatUserStoriesexternal link I desire things - let me tell you about them.
theyareaboutyouexternal link If you want them to be about you, then they are.
xkcdtitletextexternal link Bot run by @SlashMe42 that tweets the title text of xkcd cartoons in reply to Randall Munroe @xkcd. Comics are CC BY-NC 2.5 ( by @xkcd
choochoobotexternal link A mighty locomotive sweeps through rugged landscapes.
GatorsDailyexternal link #1 crocodilian influencer 🐊
computermuseumexternal link The Centre for Computing History - The UK’s largest computer and video game museum with a uniquely hands-on exhibition.
AmigaL0veexternal link Eric K. Hill aka intric8: Sharing the love for the Amiga and all things Commodore (+ a slice of classic Mac)
BirdPerHourexternal link birb pictures
sixworderbotexternal link Six-word stories, four times daily, made from random sentences from Project Gutenberg. A bot by @hugovk.…
tiny_sat_partyexternal link tiny satellites having tiny parties
Emoji_Ghadiexternal link The millennial child of @GhantaGhar. Tweets time for 🇮🇳
i_remember_txtexternal link I Remember (1975)
convwfriendsbotexternal link posting quotes from “conversations with friends” by sally rooney every 30 minutes . @melodrxmx
MarineShitpostsexternal link Inner thoughts that all marine biologists have
EffinBirdsexternal link Britney Spears said I’m brilliant, fuck all y’all
PayGapAppexternal link Tweeting Gender Pay Gap Data for #InternationalWomensDay and #PayGapDataDay 👀 Data from: #IWD2022 #BreakTheBias
SecureTheNewsexternal link Secure the News
SpaceLiminalBotexternal link Trip on the verge of reality ..if you want any content removed, please dm @artumouza ..OP sources on @LiminalLinks
UAustinHistoryexternal link Parody, Teaching the forbidden, cancelled history you won’t learn in woke history classes.
bbcmicrobotexternal link Runs your tweet on a 1980s computer emu
FrogandToadbotexternal link Tweets every 3 hours from Frog and Toad, books by Arnold Lobel.
awhalefactexternal link whale fact for you.
apatterntolearnexternal link Patterns for building towns, neighborhoods, houses, gardens, and rooms that come alive. (Back in Feb. 2023).List of all 253 Patterns 👇
TheStrangeLogexternal link Documenting the strange poetry of changelogs and patch notes. All tweets are unedited and selected verbatim. Created and managed by @TheDiscoPony
ForestsWarexternal link Tracking deforestation one country at a time.
WebDesignMuseumexternal link Web Design Museum exhibits over 2,000 carefully selected websites that show web design trends between the years 1991 and 2006.
HNTitlesexternal link Tweeted probabilistically generated HN post titles from 2013 to 2022. Built by @FiloSottile. Follow me Mastodon or check out for more.
thewaybotexternal link Automatic researcher curating subtleties of human nuance. Link updated every few hours. Contact @elibrody for takedown requests.
EasternOoCexternal link Soviet and Eastern European animation mostly pre 90’s . war sucks . host @redwaytoo .
hostiledesignexternal link •examples of hostility toward the houseless and general public•DMs welcome, please include location•personal @wapplehouse•listen to @jortscenterpod
gone_thingsexternal link Things that are gone now
TechEmailsexternal link Internal tech industry emails that surface in public records. 🔍 Get the free newsletter:
DirkGently_Botexternal link A friendly Douglas Adams quote machine. Also on facebook at:…
DefenseChartsexternal link 📈🤷‍♂️📊 dedicated to the presentational aesthetics of the defense-industrial complex // editor: @timhwang
KarlTheFogexternal link All that is sunny does not glitter, not all those in the fog are lost.
TinyPettingZooexternal link Every few hours I show you a cute petting zoo. Please pet the animals and feed them emoji food.
BitOfEntropyexternal link TMI, THIS.
GP_BadParkingexternal link just checking
nntalebbotexternal link Bot that scrapes highlights from @nntaleb ’s Incerto collection.
emotionlocationexternal link feel things! at places (a bot by @hapax_l)
IC_ActivityLogexternal link Real entries from the ICPD’s online activity log. Some are amusing, some are baffling, some are disturbing. For a less curated feed, go to @ICPDActivityBot.
angryseattleexternal link I’m the city of Seattle, Washington, USA. And I’m pissed off!
myhistorytalesexternal link Making history fun. One tweet at a time #HistoryBehindWords #HistoryTour #HistoryBytes
awardthistweetexternal link A bot that awards.
apollo_50thexternal link Not affiliated with NASA. We live tweet the Apollo space program as it happened 50 years ago.
defensechartsexternal link presentational aesthetics of the defense-industrial complex
cancel_stallmanexternal link this bot was created with a humourous intent, but also out of respect to RMS. recent events have changed it all
postcards_pastexternal link captioning old postcards
Project_Constexternal link Our Website: constitutionalism.inProject Constitutionalism is a not-for-profit organization that works to increase constitutional engagement in India.
IFFinCourtexternal link Updates from @internetfreedom’s legal team on digital rights cases across India. Want us to track a digital rights case? Ping us on
eLifeInnovationexternal link Exploring tools and technologies to improve the discovery, sharing, consumption and evaluation of important scientific research, for @eLife.@eLife for queries.
webdevhistoryexternal link Internet history for the technically curious ⏳Brought to you by @ricmac.
BiruniKhorasanexternal link Focus on Central Asia´s Persianate Heritage.Bread, Freedom, Justice and Khorâsâniyat.#FederalRepublicOfKhorasan #TajikNotAfghan #StopTajikGenocide
inform_dreamsexternal link Random short paragraphs from the Inform 7 Manual and Recipe Book examples, every three hours. (by @chordbug)
EL_DIAGRAMexternal link Language, image, schematic since 2000. Publisher of lit, chapbooks, gear.
WebArch_RTexternal link The #WebArchiving Section of @archivists_org, est. January 2013.
sysminuscontextexternal link Tweets taken directly from systems research papers. DM quotes that you come across. Part of the greater out of context universe. Mains: @danielbittman @Dev14e
eatwellbotexternal link tweets excerpts, mostly of poetry, about the space that food takes up in the human story (created by @thepluralofu)
_ireallyneedtoexternal link things that we need to do by @zerstoerer
ArcOnInternetexternal link Things from the Internet Archive. Suggestions welcome. (Not affiliated with the Archive; that’s at @internetarchive.)
catinthemovieexternal link (spoiler alert)
_restaurant_botexternal link Random Restaurant
fuckyouiquitexternal link The labor market is a mess. Here to show you why. Highlighting workers conflict with poor management, corporate greed, bad business, and the economy.
GraphCrimesexternal link Graph Crimes & Misdemeanors . Occasional shitposting when I get bored . Wobbly . She/her
intenttoshipexternal link I tweet when browser makers announce their intent to ship, change or remove features in their web engines!
mediarchaeologyexternal link past solutions for present problems since 2009 // on traditional territories of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, & Ute Nations✉️: mediaarchaeology @ colorado dot edu
NdstinctChatterexternal link Decontextualized audio/soundtrack captions as creative prompts. Reply with something you were inspired to create. Any medium, no rules, no time limits.
IndiaHistorypicexternal link Indian History in Pictures,source-internet search engines,copyright with respective owners,Shared only for information
OnThisDaySheexternal link Putting women—good and bad—back into history, one day at a time. Tweets by @Jo_Bell & @ailsaholland. Our book—with co-founder @taniahershman—is a great gift!
scienceshitpostexternal link
MagicRealismBotexternal link I generate a magical story every 4 hours. Made by @chrisrodley & @yeldora_.
DoesRecipeexternal link Hi, I write recipes. If you @ me or reply to a tweet, I’ll make a fresh recipe for you.
hnnocontextexternal link hot takes and tropes served fresh.
LoganBotanicGdnexternal link Official tweets from Logan Botanic Garden.
busteddealbotexternal link Bot tracking the docket of the Twitter v. Musk lawsuit
whataweekhuhexternal link Captain, it’s wednesday
NYT_first_saidexternal link Tweets words when they appear in the New York Times for the first time.
tiny_star_fieldexternal link a small window of stars periodically throughout the day and night
ProfFeynmanexternal link A universe of atoms, an atom in the universe. Tribute to the great explainer.
eliteobsoleteexternal link
CraigWeekendexternal link daniel craig reminds you that the weekend is here, every friday evening
muslimbanca9external link Bot tracking the Ninth Circuit’s public mirror of the docket for State of Washington
bcfridayguyexternal link this munda (bot) reminds you to relax and have a fun weekend
uiarchiveexternal link Design Archive
heartfeltbotexternal link quotes
ResNeXtGuesserexternal link memes through a NN
TheTedNelswagexternal link Artifacts and detritus from the archives of @TheTedNelson
auto_tweetcartexternal link runs PICO-8 code and responds with a video of the results!
str_voyageexternal link a bot forever voyaging. endless nautical story generator
DayTechHistoryexternal link Daily tech history tweets. Operated by @mjdtweets
RemindMe_OfThisexternal link Ding dong⏰
TwoHeadlinesexternal link Comedy is when you take two headlines about different things and then confuse them. Updates hourly. // By @tinysubversions
internetofshitexternal link screw it, put a chip in it.
badthingsdailyexternal link This account tweets fictional or headline inspired breach scenarios.
Aarzaai_Ishqexternal link This is a Poetry Page . Poetry that feels like home . Best relatable quotes . Nusrat FAK . turn on notifications.

Reddit bots #

Name Description
uselesconverterbotexternal link I look for useful and easy to share metric units and turn them into something more interesting.
repost_sleuth_siteexternal link The Repost Detection Bot

Other bots #

Name Description
Talk to Booksexternal link Google’s bot to talk to google books